Combination Plates

Served with frijoles refritos (refried beans) and arroz (Spanish rice) Please no changes or substitutions.

It is perfect the way it is, amigos.

Combination Uno

One beef taco, one tamale & one cheese enchilada 16.99

Combination Dos

One mini beef burrito, one beef enchilada and
one steak taco 16.99


Jumbo flour tortilla, lightly fried, covered with a homemade cheese sauce. Served with frijoles (refried beans), arroz (Spanish rice), sour cream and guacamole 16.99

Choose from  Shredded chicken or ground beef

Enchiladas Poblanas

(2) Jumbo corn tortillas, lightly fried, topped with sour cream and a mild sauce. Served with frijoles (refried beans), arroz (Spanish rice) and guacamole 16.99 

Choose from shredded chicken or ground beef

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